Hapam B.V. was founded in 1925. The company is located in the centre of the Netherlands, 40 km east of Amsterdam. As an independent manufacturer of High Voltage Disconnectors and Earthing Switches for outdoor and indoor substations, Hapam has supplied more than 120.000 disconnectors in over 100 countries worldwide. A large number of disconnectors still are in service for more than 50 years.   


Hapam maintains a continuous policy of improving the disconnector design. All relevant information gathered from operating experience worldwide and/or client specifications are included in state of the art design. 


Hapam operates from modern and well equipped premises which have recently been extended to increase production capacity. The company is able to produce disconnectors and earthing switches in an efficient, computer-controlled process in order to fulfill the market requirements.

Total area of premises are 16.000 m2, including storage and testing areas.

The production capacity is over 4.000 disconnectors per year.


In short, Hapam is a well-known manufacturer of disconnectors and earthing switches with an excellent performance and world-wide reputation. The continuous improvement of materials and technologies have resulted in disconnectors and earthing switches of high quality, which are easy to install and which need minimal maintenance.




Hapam has extensive worldwide experience in the following areas:


  •  Disconnectors for air-insulated substations
  •  Disconnectors for HVDC Interconnections
  •  Series Capacitor Banks isolating and by-pass disconnectors
  •  Severe ice load conditions
  •  Wide temperature ranges
  •  Seismic conditions
  •  On-load bus transfer switching

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