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Excellent performance and world-wide reputation

Hapam is a well-known manufacturer of disconnectors and earthing switches with an excellent performance and world-wide reputation. The continuous improvement of materials and technologies have resulted in disconnectors and earthing switches of high quality, which are easy to install and which need minimal maintenance.

Ageing power infrastructure can be a major concern for owners of high-voltage grids. It can result in higher maintenance costs and could increase the risk and number of outages.

Inspections of older switchyards often reveal inefficiencies in operation of disconnectors that are approaching the end-of-life cycle, leading to unreliable performance during maintenance or operational activities. As a consequence, this can lead to higher risk for personnel working on these switchyards.

Hapam is able to offer fast and reliable disconnector retrofit service solutions using existing on-site components as much as possible. These types of retrofit solutions are basically easy to install, economical and efficient.

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Global service capability

Hapam offers its global service capability either from its factory locations or by cooperating with dedicated service partners in the region or country. Our customers always have access to the full competence and latest technologies of the Hapam high-voltage disconnector service.

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Additionally, Hapam offers the following

  • Supply of spare-parts during the lifetime of the equipment
  • Supervision of installation and adjustment made by clients
  • Installation and testing services
  • Technical assistance
  • Worldwide emergency repair service